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Miss Wah resides in Worcestershire, Working and playing hard as a Graphic Designer, author of hugely successful "Shades of Kawaii" adult colouring books and self titled 'semi-pro' doodler sponsored by Uni Posca.

With a huge passion for all things Street Art & Kawaii related, She spends hours doodling random-ness on any surface possible, creating youtube videos and travelling the country doing demonstrations for Posca. She has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the street art world at festivals and events and loves to bring her characters to life on the street and in print.

Favorite thing to Draw

Has to be my Bunnie character on cardboard, I love buying things from Ikea simply add to my cardboard pile, I do however get some funny looks when asking if I can have some of the 'packaging' while they restock items.

So what's your actual job?

I am lucky enough to run my own business and work from home, So my work life and free time seem to murge into one. I work as a graphic designer for an american company by day and by night I spend my time doodling, commisions and filming for youtube.

What makes you happy?

Even though I am still learning when it comes to painting, I have been lucky enough to paint with some of my idol's, who all have the same goal, to make the world a brighter happier place and simply to make people smile.

I also was lucky enough to publish two colouring books ("Shades of Kawaii") I never thought they would be as sussessful as they have been and seeing people tag me on instagram with completed pages is just mind blowing... and of course I love working with Posca - having so many fun opportunities and something I am extremly thankful for.

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Posca has worked with Miss Wah on product demonstrations in Hobbycraft and at Rip Curl surf events. Miss Wah has done an outstanding job at every event that she attendes and we regularly receive feedback from retailers commending her for her positive energy, ability to interact with customers and extensive product knowledge. Put simply, Miss Wah is a real assets to Posca!"

Posca Uk

She's full of energy, can write and draw on the beach or in a naughty street at night (Nope not true!), she likes pink and kawaii. She's addict to social networks, and always uses humour, even on emails.
Here comes Miss Wah!


Posca Life Custom

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